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Sometimes having more information just isn’t enough.  If you are ready to stop struggling and failing to create lasting change in your weight or your overall health, keep reading!

Information + Support = CHANGE

You probably already have a good idea about what you should be doing to live healthier.  But getting from here to there is another thing altogether.

You want to live a healthier lifestyle, but you don’t want to deny your need for fun, flavor and indulgence because LIFE without PLEASURE misses the point.  It seems like you can’t have both so you often find yourself on a frustrating seesaw between the two.

You like experiences that engage and acknowledge ALL parts of you: your mind, instincts and emotions, the many sides of your personality, your wide-ranging interests.

You are good at many things and, as a result, you often end up with “a very full plate” – to understate it, completely – whether that be your figurative plate or your literal plate.  And while you are adept at the balancing act of your life, it wears you out, runs you down and burns you out.  The hardest part is that you don’t really want to give any of it up!

You know you should make more time for yourself, but you always ends up at the end of your own priority list.  And to take that time for self-care, a workout, a healthy meal, a half-hour meditation or massage, always brings with it a tinge of guilt.  As far as the women’s movement has come, there are still the echoes and remnants of the life lived for others.

Helping women to transcend this understandable and yet unsustainable way of living is my life’s work. Through my signature step-by-step coaching program, I will show you:

  • Exactly which foods  to add to your diet to achieve greater energy and gradually transition to your ideal weight and optimum immune function
  • How to prepare healthy meals for you and your family in 30 minutes or less
  • Healthy ‘short-cut’ foods for days when you don’t have time to cook, including product recommendations
  • How to carve out extra minutes in your day for YOU without sacrificing your other priorities
  • Discover the underlying causes of your cravings and unhealthy habits so that you can stop getting in your own way
  • Save money on food – through cooking and strategic shopping
  • Save money on Health Care Costs for LIFE by boosting your immunity and slowing your aging process!
  • Set challenging and achievable goals regularly to continue improving your habits and your health, day-by-day, week-by-week
  • Live harmoniously with food in your life – without restriction, by building your own “Food Intuition”

My approach to healthy lifestyle is at once tangible and spiritual.  Along with practical and customized guidance on what to eat, our private sessions create the space for personal exploration into the deeper realms of wellness that stem from belief, culture and self-awareness.

Services include Private and Group-based Holistic Health Coaching and Meal Creation Mentoring.

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